We provide a good, healthy sleep, because it is the basis of a good day.

What mattress should I choose?

The selection of the right mattress depends mainly on our preferences and preferences. We have to answer the question: On what mattress do we sleep best? A well-matched mattress should ensure sleep comfort and ideally adapt to our body. We offer a range of mattresses from renowned manufacturers.

We know exactly that we spend about eight hours a day in bed and the quality of sleep depends not only on our well-being, but most importantly, also on our health, which is why we should not save on a bedroom mattress.

A badly matched mattress can cause sleep problems or, in extreme cases, we may get allergies or have back problems. If you suffer from this type of illness, consult a specialist before choosing a mattress.

The mattress should be at least 20cm larger than our height, be 90 cm wide and be matched to our bed. The standard sizes of mattresses are those with dimensions of 90x200, 120x200,140x200, 160x200, 1800x200. Come to our online store you can order a custom bedroom mattress by contacting us.

       Pocket mattresses:

Pocket mattresses are a type of mattresses, the construction of which is based on springs, which are placed in special pockets. Deformation of one spring does not cause interaction with other springs, they work independently. This system allows for a comfortable sleep in the case when two people sleep in bed, because the movement of one person does not cause discomfort to the other person, it is not very noticeable. This mattress adapts very well to the body.

It is worth paying attention to the quality of the material from which the pockets are made.

Bonell mattresses:

This is one of the cheapest offers on the market, it is a kind of spring mattresses. The main advantage of this type of mattress is the low price. Today's technology allows for a comfortable sleep on this type of mattresses. Most often used for single beds. We do not recommend the use of this type of mattress for people with back problems or in a double bed, because its properties make it inflexible.

Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses can be divided into three basic types: a high elastic, thermoelastic and latex foam mattress.

Highly flexible foam mattresses are very durable, perfectly match the user's body, provide very good support for the whole body. Often chosen by people with back problems, they have orthopedic properties. Thanks to the open cell structure, they provide very good ventilation, often used by allergy sufferers. Used for both single and double beds, as they are very elastic, flexible and respond to heat and pressure, and the deformation of one part of the mattress does not cause discomfort for the other person.

Thermoelastic mattresses are a mattress that reacts to pressure and temperature change, adapting perfectly to the user's body. After pressure on a given sector of the mattress, the structure deforms under the influence of heat. It has orthopedic and anti-bedsore properties, thanks to its structure, the muscles relax faster. They are fully antiallergic.

Latex foam mattresses are made of natural coconut milk and rubber tree. They are extremely durable, retain their useful properties for many years. High elasticity and flexibility ensure proper spinal position according to its natural curves. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties often chosen by allergy sufferers. When choosing the right mattress it is worth paying attention to the amount of natural contribution, the higher its content, the better it is to go with the standard that at least 20% of the charge should be natural. Recommended for people sleeping together.