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Recommended products

Recommended products

Get a good night's sleep with us. Modern metal beds, mattresses, frames and much more ...

The world is changing faster, the rush of things to do, rush, stress ... sounds familiar?

Fortunately, there is always time for us to rest and regenerate. We all know that we spend a large part of our lives in the bedroom. We appreciate a healthy, restful sleep that will help us recharge the batteries to successfully overcome the hardships of everyday life. In our online store, we offer only the highest quality products guaranteeing you the comfort you deserve.

We have a wide range of modern metal beds, comfortable and comfortable mattresses, durable frames, pillows and other sophisticated bedroom furnishings that will meet your wildest expectations. We are a direct Polish manufacturer of metal beds, steel furniture, our wide range of products are carefully selected, combining high quality and timeless design.

The quality Polish manufacturer of metal beds

With passion and precision, we make every our handmade metal bed. We offer both single-person metal beds, for children and teenagers as well as large, elaborate double bedroom beds, which perfectly complement the decor of any stylish bedroom. Solid execution of unique, fresh design, top quality steel guarantee perfect aesthetic experience as well as the reliability of reliable use for many years.

Our metal furniture perfectly blends into the bedrooms in the style of modern, industrial or fashionable loft style today. Sophisticated metal beds for the bedroom, referring to traditional models, become the most interesting piece of equipment giving it an original, fresh character.

Metal beds and mattresses matched to you

All our metal beds and mattresses for the bedroom are produced bearing in mind your individual needs and expectations. A wide range of colors, sizes or finishing versions gives us a wide range of arrangement options.

We produce metal beds under the standard size 90x200, 100x200, 120x200, 140x200, 160x200, 180x200. We are a Polish producer, each metal bed for the bedroom will be adapted to custom dimensions or according to your own project. We are here to help you choose a fitted bed, a comfortable mattress or a frame.

Order a set of bed, mattress and frame use the free delivery and discount today.

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